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29 July 2010 @ 04:14 pm
Patterns, Mock-Ups, Materials: Oh My! A Progress Report  
 Alright, so, finally I get my progress journal up. xD Since majimoo already has 2 progress journals posted and yepachan  just put hers up last night too. >> So I figured I better post one and stop procrastinating. ;D

In my last journal, I barely had anything done. xD Now I finally have a good start on these costumes. This is a progress for Noel, Jin, and also partially Taokaka, since I'm helping majimoo  with her dress pattern and mock-up. x3

So! I made up the patterns for Noel and Taokaka:

Noel Pattern

Taokaka Pattern

And here's the Jin pattern that I made before:

This one is to my measurements. I finally got Dilly's but I'm not going to bother making another pattern for his. I'll just draw it out on the mock-up in the right measurements and use this one as a guideline, since it had to be changed anyways.

We went material and supply shopping on Tuesday, and I managed to get pretty much everything that I needed. =D Yaay! I was so happy.

I got this lovely blue material for a great price. It's sort of heavy, and no see-through at all so it was perfect. And it was in the perfect colour too. <33 I got like, 8 meters or something of this stuff. It's going to be for Jin and Noel.

I forget how many meters of this I got (I think it was 3) but it's the same type of material as the blue. And it's only a bit see-through but not much which is awesome. :D Going to be used for my dress and the inner-shirt for Jin.

A meter of black cause I wasn't sure if I had enough black at home to use for Jin and Noel both. Just normal poly-cotton I think.

I took the pants from my first ever cosplay (Kikyo from Inuyasha xD;;;) and took a seam-ripper to them so I have material for the inside of Jin's coat. I hope that I have enough. >> I need to iron it and see.

I got this shirt from my mom so I can cut off the top part and collar for Noel's dress. xD

Supplies Time!

I got 6mm thick craft foam sheets mainly for Noel's arm things. And for the little details on her hat, dress, and Jin's outfit.

Bias tape for Jin and a bit of Noel.

Silver paint for the foam details.


Noel: Bottom half. The second 2 pictures are me holding up the bottom half. There's a couple places at the top that look droopy/big because I wasn't holding them up right. I can't hold them by myself but it looks really good with Maji holding it up too.

Noel: Top half

Taokaka: Half-Jacket

majimoo  wearing the half-jacket mock-up after I fussed with it to make it actually look good. xP I need to fix the back and the from length, since they're both too long. >> But I think I finally got the fit that she wanted.

And so that's my progress until now. =)

I'm about to start on the Jin mock-up and then maybe cut out the good pieces for Noel today. <3 And I'm thinking about maybe doing Noel's foam arm things today, too, but we'll see. =P
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Current Music: Go The Distance- Hercules (Some inspiring music to get me going. xD)
Maji: hamburgermajimoo on July 29th, 2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
Reareastar on July 29th, 2010 08:57 pm (UTC)
Yepayepachan on July 29th, 2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
Awesome!! I can't wait to see more done^^